Background music streaming

See this post on TiPb. An interesting discussion on whether an app such as Pandora might work on an iPad to provide background music. Hmm. I’m going to have to read about this background music API in iPhone OS 4 and what the restrictions are. Or what restrictions there aren’t. Isn’t there a new iPhone coming out on, like, Monday?

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I’m trying to come up with a list of restrictions in the iPad/iPhone environment. I’ll be working on that and keep track of them on a different page. In the meantime, one that is annoying me at the moment is that it appears that I cannot test an app on a real device without paying the $99 to join an iPhone Developer Program.  I think there should be a way to, at least, add an app to iTunes & sync.  Hmm.

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Muti-Touching an iPad

Experiments show the iPad supports eleven simultaneous gestures (multi-touch).  Very cool.


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I had already installed the Mac OS X Developer Tools (a.k.a. XCode Tools) when I upgraded to Snow Leopard on my Mac Book Pro because I like to have current c compilers & such.  I never really used XCode, however, and the Tools didn’t include the iPhone SDK.  So I downloaded a more current one, Xcode 3.2.2 and iPhone SDK 3.2 (~2.3GB), which includes support for developing iPad apps as well as iPhone apps and includes a software emulator of the iPhone/iPad environment.  The iPad emulation doesn’t really fit on my MBPs 15 inch screen too well, but that’s OK.

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