Touch (-ing) a Roku and a Book

I received an iPod Touch for Christmas and so with wife’s iPad I have both form factors available.  Though both are “retina” I think so I might need to find an older iPhone or touch to make sure.

Also got a Roku XD/S which seems to need a iPod app to remote control it.  The one’s I find extant seem to be for the Soundbridge, not the Streaming Player. Seems fairly easy to program a remote controller; I found the SDK docs here.  “The External Control Guide” shows that the Roku is discoverable with SSDP and controllable with simple HTTP POSTs, such as

POST /keypress/Home HTTP/1.1

Also, I went to Borders with a gift card and left with Advanced iOS 4 Programming: Developing Mobile Applications for Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch by Maher Ali.  But I returned it a few day’s later because it’s like $29 less from Amazon with free shipping.  (!)  What do I do with my Border gift card now?

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